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Tom Ball has written 50 books, including 2 screenplays, plus 2 game books and a short screenplay and a couple essays. Almost all of them have been published, at least in part. Many of the books contain a series of flash fiction, related to the title. There are books related to dreams, future love, madness, fables, future poetry, future politics, philosophy, future Gods/Goddesses, fantasy, future women’s crimes, books by future women, future epitaphs, future spies, future geniuses, original quotations, Space horror, Utopias and Dystopias. Most are science fiction… Also two prehistoric novels. Donations are welcome. If you want to donate contact me at tomball33 (at) yahoo (dot) com. Currently I am promoting “Tom Ball’s Book of Original Quotations,” and “The Spy, A.D. 2150-2154” E-mail me at tomball33 (at) yahoo (dot) com for full hard copies!


   “Left Fork Books Green Wall,” a hard copy novel. “,” a hard copy novel, and 1 short story. “Down in the Dirt Magazine,” published 6 novel excerpts, 130 flash and one novella, online/hard copies. “Conceit Magazine,” and its imprints: dozens and dozens of short pieces/ hard copies. “Gargoyle Magazine,” 1 long novel excerpt and 45 short pieces/hard copies “,” 4 novel excerpts, 4 short stories, and 36 flash. “Exterminating Angel Press,” two long novel excerpts and three short stories. “PBW magazine,” 6 novels and 11 short stories. And,” 26 flash. And numerous pieces in “Fleas on the Dog Online.” He has also appeared in “Alternate Route Publishing,” 6 flash and 1 short story. “Literary Yard,” 2 short stories, 1 short play, 2 flash. “Granfalloon,” 1 short story and 2 short pieces “Fresh Words Magazine,” “Sparrows Trombone,” “TRNSFR/ Sip Cup,” 2 pieces. “Newark Library Literary Journal”, “Hooghly Review,” “Blank Spaces,” 3 pieces. “Poetry Pacific,” “,” “Revolver Lit Mag,” “The Globe Review,” “Cosmic Daffodil,” “Wise Owl,” “Wild Word,”defunct “,”  and the now defunct “Local Train Magazine,” and others. He has also self-published two novels with now defunct, “American Book Publishing” and another one with “Xlibris.” Nominated for the Pushcart Prize!

     Tom is currently senior editor at “FLEAS ON THE DOG” (!